I believe that we succeed to the level others allow. My unique skill is mobilizing people who are not yet ready to let you advance. I do this by changing the patterns of interaction that prevent them from seeing what you have to offer. Together we will turn supporters into advocates, neutrals into sources of insight, and detractors into non-factors. 

I help you navigate the human environment necessary to accomplish your goals. 


For an initial Human Environment Audit, please contact me at: mark@markszabo.com 

For a recent example on the Kinder Morgan conflict click here: Kinder Morgan

What You Get

1. Human Environment Audit for focused clarity on the context and issues in simple, actionable terms

  • Primary & secondary research for fact-based decision making

  • Identification of supporters, neutrals, and detractors

  • Clarification of their decision making priorities

  • Problematic patterns of interaction

2. Strategic Decision Making Options to change the patterns of interaction  

  • Future state prototyping

  • Persuasion pinch points

  • Coalition opportunities

  • Implementation team requirements

3. Tactical Execution to create the needed support and neutralize detractors 

  • Communications channels

  • Facilitated engagement

  • Non-cooperative stretch collaboration

  • Change management implementation

  • Agile monitoring and feedback loop

4. Situation Update to monitor constant updates 

  • Regular, real-time updates

  • Social & Earned Media analysis

  • Monitor the power conflicts

  • Tactics for Resolution

If this is starting to sound interesting, contact me for an initial Human Environment Audit: mark@markszabo.com

For a recent example on the Kinder Morgan conflict click here: Kinder Morgan